Blue Lounge Visitation

(FULL PPE MUST be worn at all times)

This is a purpose built airlocked visitation suite adjacent to the Hygiene Hub. Visitors may remove Facemasks and other PPE whilst in this room. Please ensure you wear a Facemask on entry and exit.

On Arrival:


  • You should aim to arrive at the rear car park 45 minutes before your visit and park in the designated Visitation bays on the left.


  • We are allowing 1 visitor per visit.
  • Please ensure that when leaving your vehicle, you wear your facemask. Make your way to Bungalow 3 where you will be greeted by the Visitation Officer. You will receive a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) to determine if you have COVID. This test will take 30 minutes to complete, so return to your car and wait until you are called by the Visitation Officer.


  • If the results of your Lateral Flow Test is POSITIVE, we will perform a swab test using a home testing kit which we will send for analysis. You will then have to go home and self-isolate until you are informed of the results by text message.


  • If your LFT test is Negative, you will be taken to the Hygiene Hub where you will be shown how to Sanitise, apply FULL PPE and you will have your temperature taken and recorded.


  • You will then be escorted to the Blue Lounge where you will meet your relative.


  • Anyone who does not have a facemask when attending the hygiene hub will be turned away.


  • Due to the amount of visitation required, visitation will be restricted to 30 minutes per session.


  • Please social distance where possible, but you may touch your loved one AS LONG AS FULL PPE IS WORN.

To Book a visit in our Blue Lounge, please call 01206391488.



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