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COVID-19 Update

Dear Relative/Friend,

As we are all aware, the country is in the midst of an epidemic with regards to the spread of Coronavirus ( COVID19 ).

Clearly the residents who reside here are in the most susceptible group due to their age and lowered immunity. 

Please be assured that the Company is taking all necessary precautions in line with Public Health England ( P.H.E) bulletins. 

As such, we are taking the precaution of trying to minimise visits to the home as far as is possible.

We are therefore, with immediate effect, locking down the home to all non-essential personnel.

Only staff, medical professionals and essential services will have access to the home.

Prior to entering the home we will be asking essential services to confirm that they have:

  • Not recently been abroad to one of the areas identified by the government being “category 1 “ or “category 2” location ( )
  • Not displaying any symptoms, been unwell, or been in close contact with someone who is unwell in the last 48hrs, of any description.

Only upon satisfying these points will they be allowed into the home.

All visitors will be asked on entry to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water (or alcohol gel) and will have their temperature taken before they enter the home, and be instructed to adhere to social distance guidelines.

Our staff will be subject to the same precautions to ensure that our residents remain well cared for.

We will of course try also to restrict the movement of people to hospital wherever we can to ensure your relatives risk of exposure to the virus is minimised as much as is possible. This will also apply to external activities.

As detailed in our previous email, we have the facility to organise Skype or Facetime Video calls.  If this is something you would like us to arrange, please do contact us. 

As I am sure you realise, this is not a decision we have taken lightly.

Your support is very much appreciated, and we are doing all we can to keep your loved ones safe.

We will update you further as the situation changes.


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