Local Authority Support

Local Authority funding is not accessible to individuals where capital assets exceed £23,250. Where assets exceed this amount you are considered a self funder, which essentially means you will have to pay for your own care fees until such a time that your capital falls below this threshold. Some assets are excluded from the assessment which is undertaken by the Local Authority. In particular, the treatment of the persons home can sometimes lead to confusion. This asset is excluded if:

* A spouse or partner still resides at the property

* A relative aged 60 or over lives at the house

* A disabled relative lives at the house

* A dependent child under 18 lives in the house

* The care is being provided on a temporary basis

* The person is in the first twelve weeks of needing permanent care

With Local Authority funding, you can top up care payments of the amount provided if it does not meet the cost of the chosen care provider. Local Authorities will only assess the individual needing care and do not assess a couples joint resources. For more information you will need to contact your Local Authority.

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