NHS Continuing Health Care and Funded Nursing Care

NHS Continuing Care is a package of care funded by the NHS. It helps to meet the physical and mental needs that a person has as a result of a disability, accident or illness. This can be provided in any setting, including your own home. The care is funded by your local Primary Care Trust. To qualify, you have to be assessed as having a primary health need. Assessors will make this decision by looking at a persons day to day needs. This can be done prior to discharge from a hospital, or when your health gets worse (i.e. if you are at home). To arrange an assesment you will need to speak to hospital staff or your GP. Consent to the assessment must be given by the person needing it, or in situations where they are unable to do so, the person holding Lasting Power of Attorney for their health and welfare will be required to do so.

You can find more information here: Age UK PDF


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