About Mistley Manor

A part of the Stour Valley Group

We are a family run business in its fourth generation, providing a wealth of experience with over 80 year’s combined experience in care.

Stour Valley Group comprises Mistley Manor, which is the current flag-ship home of the organisation, having been purpose built in 2014 to provide luxury, affordable residential care in the tranquil, beautiful setting of Mistley, in the gateway to Constable country. There are currently two other care homes in the group, both also located in the Stour Valley area.

The story so far

The First Generation
Phoebe & Stanley Staines

In the early 1930’s Phoebe Staines began to work in the Care industry working as a seamstress at "The Spike" (an old workhouse which looked after the disadvantaged) in the Tendring Hundred area. In 1954 she moved to Billericay, working in a hospital for the Elderly and then moved on to own her own Residential Care Home also in Billericay. In 1963, she purchased "The Oaks and Chestnuts" a Children’s Home for boys in Tendring. The home was converted into a Residential Care Home for the elderly and renamed "Springbank". In 1978 after fifteen years of running the care home, it was sold to her daughter and son-in-law, Freda and Barry Moor, when Phoebe retired after 48 years in Care.

The Second Generation
Freda & Barry Moor

After purchasing "Springbank" Residential Care Home, Freda and Barry worked hard to grow and build on the very high standards and reputation that "Springbank" had achieved. In 1978 the home had ten bedrooms, however with the continued commitment and passion from Freda & Barry, the home grew and was extended to eventually have the capacity for thirty five residents. "Springbank" was sold to Southern Cross in 2007 when Freda & Barry decided to take early retirement. Freda had been in the Care industry for 50 years since 1957. This was however not the end of the story as the next generation had already begun a journey of their own...

The Third Generation
Mike & Jacqui Volf

Freda and Barry’s daughter, Jacqui, alongside her husband Mike had already begun their own story. In 1991 they purchased "Long Furrows" in Manningtree and converted it into a Residential Care Home. The home was initially opened with eight bedrooms and then later extended to fourteen. "Little Manor" Residential Care Home" was purchased in 1992 and provided a home for a further eight residents. In 2000, "Meadowcroft" Residential Care Home in Bradfield was added to the care group and converted to provide a further six bedrooms, although following an extensive upgrade and extension programme to the bungalow in 2012, it now provides a home for ten residents. All these homes cater for people suffering from Dementia and/or Physical and Learning Disabilities.

In 2001 Mike and Jacqui bought "The Spike", where Jacqui’s grandmother had started her journey some 80 years earlier. They renovated the old building back to its former condition and built six small hospitals in the grounds, which looked after people detained under the Mental Health Act. In 2005, "Oaktree Care Group Ltd" was sold to Partnerships in Care Ltd. Mike and Jacqui retained the ownership and running of the core of the family business, being the Residential Care Homes within the group.

In 2013 the decision was taken to shift the heart of the business to offer private luxury Residential Care and 'Respite & Retreat' packages for the elderly and those suffering with dementia/altzheimers. Little Manor was demolished and Mistley Manor was built on the site encompassing the large adjacent grounds. Mistley Manor is now the flagship home of Stour Valley Care Group and will open the doors to its' first residents in Summer 2014. Mistley Manor offers exclusive luxury, which places it alongside Britain's Finest in the belief that the bespoke 5* lifestyle that it offers simply cannot be matched by other care homes in the area. It is complemented by the small development of bungalows adjacent to the Manor at Mistley Grove. These provide independent living but with the added benefit of a Luxury Care Home on their doorstep.

The Fourth Generation
Joseph, Michael & Charlotte Volf

Jacqui and Mike have now been joined by their sons Joseph and Michael, following completion of their studies. The whole family now work alongside each other in the homes, each adding their own individual strengths and abilities to the business model. Hopefully Phoebe will be smiling down happy in the knowledge that her legacy lives on...


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